What you can expect from a good concrete company

Do you want your home to be more than any other place? Do you want a company that will concrete moments and experiences worth relaxing? Are you in need of a surface that is impressive under your feet? Look no further than Dallas Concrete Artisans. This is a company that offers solutions for both the exterior and interior spaces. Our location in Dallas Texas has made us the number choice of homeowners.

We recommend Dallas Concrete Artisans for the following reasons:

Our company is licensed and has complied with all statutory and federal requirements. It is bonded and insured meaning that should anything go wrong, you are covered as our client.


2The company has experience of more than 20 years. We have worked with clients with varying concrete needs. This means that the team of technicians is composed of individuals with a passion, hardworking and highly skilled. You cannot get this combination anywhere else. As part of the effort in providing our clients with quality services, we retain our technicians for several years. We optimize the learning curve theory.

The team in our office is always at hand to take and answer questions. The team will give evaluations on your property and the solutions thereof. We endeavor to provide quotations that are accurate and ensure that all projects completed surpass the clients’ expectations. Our potential clients should know that our quotations and consultations are done free of charge. We do not charge a penny.

Positive reviews from our clients. This is a confirmation of our craftsmanship and professionalism and how they value our work an expertise.

You have a pocket that is almost empty and a shoestring budget and you have refinishing and resurfacing jobs. The company will do your repairs and upgrades of your floors.

Finally, safety remains our priority. All our in-house safety procedures while working on the job are strictly followed.

Our Consultations

The main challenge facing our clients is choosing the right resurfacing materials, color and design. To overcome this challenge, potential clients are advised to contact us for advisory. We endeavor to have consultations at home because it gives an opportunity to practically evaluate your concrete floor and provide the recommendations based on your needs.
Appointments can be arranged via the phone or email.

Areas of specialty

The base material that we use is the concrete. We prefer concrete because other materials can be installed on it. This will help make your concrete surface looks attractive.

The following are areas of specialty

3Coatings, flooring, using epoxy, it is ideal for garage floors since it has resistance to stains and impact, finishing and overlays. Concrete Overlays. Our overlays are stamped concrete. Ideal for outdoors like driveways.

Finally, if you are tired of that surface, we are a phone call away for consultations. We advise our clients not to settle for less since our team of technicians will give attention to your work to the last detail. We transform your decoration ideas into actual designs. Our work is magic.