5 faqs about purple powerbase mattresses

Purple powerbase mattresses are relatively new in the market. Thanks to creative marketing, these superior quality mattresses have ignited interest from far and wide. This is attributed to its unique design that features a combination of hyper-elastic polymer and foam. This combination makes it possess some latex type qualities although the comfort levels offered by the purple mattress are much higher. Since most buyers do not know much about these special mattresses, this article answers some common concerns among most potential buyers about these mattresses.

How firm?


Most buyers tend to be concerned about the firmness of strength offered by purple mattresses. The magnitude of the firmness offered by the purple powerbase mattress tends to somewhere above average. For a consumer looking for a mattress with a combination of both firmness and a soft feel, powerbase mattress offers just that. Thanks to purple’s unique smart grid design, this mattress address the needs of light, medium, and heavyweight sleepers. The good thing about its unique material composition is that it responds and supports the body weight perfectly.

How is it structured?

The purple mattress is essentially a layered mattress. These layers are made from foam and some hyper-elastic polymers. The top layer is specially designed for cooling and comfort. It is made from a 2-inch hyperelastic material for maximum comfort and cooling. The middle layer is designed to offer transitional support. The third layer is around 4-inches thick. It is made from polyurethane foam, which offers a solid foundation for the mattress.

How is the motion transfer?

This is a common concern with couples sharing a bed. Most people would not love a mattress that does not absorb motion. Motion absorption feature serves to reduce the disruptions arising from your partner’s movements. If you are also interested about the sinkage, it is proportional to weight or force applied.

How cool is it?

aSDadSasdcAQsOverheating is a common concern for most people. Waking up when your body is sweaty is certainly not fun. Heating complains are common to memory foam mattress users. The good thing about purple powerbase mattresses is that they have no memory foam, which makes it temperature neutral. The grid system ensures constant airflow around your body that takes away heat from your body.

How long will it last?

The comfort layer in a purple powerbase mattress is known to be very durable. This serves to prevent premature sagging typical to most ordinary mattresses. Moreover, the base foam is also made of durable and density material, which helps the mattress hold up well over time.